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Слава Богу!

(“Praise God!” - pronounced “Slava Bogoo” in Russian :o)

My Mission History in Russia
Back in 1993, I took my first trip to the brand new, re-instituted country of Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union the previous year. This was not at all a Christian mission, but a one-month environmental exchange trip. However, through it, God was working in my heart to begin to see the lostness of the Russian people. At 21, it was my first trip out of the country, and it was a life-changing trip! Shockingly though, it became even more life-changing as I was returning home and found out that three weeks earlier while I had been there my dad had unexpectedly died. It was at that time that I first really felt the loving arms of our Savior holding me as I sat on a curb in Red Square and felt otherwise completely alone.

Almost exactly 20 years later I got the opportunity to go on my first mission trip with e3 Partners, and a trip of healing, back to that same area of Russia. Through it God continued the process of preparing me for the work I am now doing.

A few years later, upon completing my 20 years service as a Naval Aviator, God called me into full-time missions work in Russia. Now I am privileged to get to lead several trips a year to Russia to reach the lost, make disciples, and help plant churches among these dear people!

This question is asked of me nearly every day; but considering the spiritual climate, it becomes quickly obvious why our North American and Russian staff work together in Russia. For example, there is only one church for every 28,000 people, and in some regions many fewer. About 90 of the people groups in Russia are unreach or unengaged; overall, less than 1/2% of Russia’s population is evangelical Christian. God wants his name to be glorified there! 

Do you see “Why Russia?” 😊

Vision and Strategy
First, know that we are praying “BIG.”  We are asking the Lord to establish 300,000 organic, simple churches, giving every Russian a church that they can become a part of.  This requires rapid multiplication of the first generation churches that are being established right now. Second, our approach is to partner with Russian believers and churches. We provide training for: sharing the gospel, basic follow up and discipleship, and the launch of new groups that could become churches. Our North American teams work with Russian nationals, who become lifelong friends and ministry partners as we minister together according to this vision and long-term strategy. We have much to learn… but God is blessing the work!

My Work in Russian Regions
Please pray for the regions of Volgograd, Kursk, Bryansk, and Moscow: vast regions of the country where I am personally leading teams and working with local leaders.

  • COME WITH US! 👍🏻
  • If you can’t come, can you help support the work?
  • In any case – PLEASE PRAY with us!!

Thanks For Keeping Us in Russia!
For the last three years since leaving the Navy, The Lord has been teaching us more and more about His faithfulness. He has provided increasing wisdom as He leads me to work in new areas of the country and expand our current partnerships. He has protected us as we have endured tons of spiritual opposition. He has taken care of our shorter-term financial needs, through partners like YOU, but there’s still about 50% of our longer-term support needs yet to be filled. Thank you, dear people, for your generosity and ongoing partnership. I hope that you indeed see your place in this strategy, and will join us in the future through going, giving, and prayer!

Your monthly support provides for our family's practical needs, protects against financial emergencies that may disrupt my ministry, and supplies ongoing training and resources.  

Through your prayer support, as well as your financial support, you actually become a part of everything God does through me. YOU will be making an impact on the Kingdom with your contributions! 

Thank you for generously joining in support of the Gospel!

Much love in Jesus,

    Eric, and Melanie McMullen


e3 Partners is a global missions agency advancing the Gospel and establishing the Church in over 50 countries. I belong to a group of over 400 staff and 2,000 national partners sharing his Gospel among the nations. 

If you'd like more information about e3 Partners and who we are please see: 

e3 Partners is also a partner in the No Place Left movement (#NoPlaceLeft):

  • Trips from this Summer and "e3 Giving Day"

    Posted a week ago

    HOT NEWS!!
    I'm planning on sharing with you all the joy it has been to be able to serve The Lord in Russia this summer on a couple trips - evangelical medical clinics in Kursk, and an evangelical English Camp in Bryansk (see video at the bottom), but first I wanted to get out some time-sensitive news for TODAY:

    TODAY ONLY is "e3 Giving Day," where every dollar given to e3 Partners staff accounts (like mine) will be enhanced by a $100,000 pool of bonus funds. This means every dollar you give TODAY will be worth more than $1!
    More people hearing the gospel - More churches planted - More baptisms!
    So, if you had a special one-time donation you'd like to give in support of my work with The Lord in Russia, TODAY would be the perfect day to do it!!

    Learn more at #e3GivingDay”

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    Eric McMullen

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