Trips to Tanzania

Tanga, Tanzania - TZ20D

Mar 6-16, 2020

Our heart is to reach the unreached and unengaged, equipping leaders and believers to go and make disciples, until all of Tanzania has an opportunity to know Jesus.

Be a part of God’s Kingdom work to reach the Digo and deaf community. The Digo is Tanzania’s second largest Unreached People Group and the deaf population is the third. Less than 1% of the Digo claim to be Christ followers, with the remaining claiming Islam.

We will be using Community Transformation to build relationships that will open the door for the gospel. Some of the activities we will be doing include empowering the Community Transformation group leaders and teaching practical things, like business skills or healthy relationships and families - all to Muslim people. We incorporate Bible stories and the heart and love of God in all these lessons while looking for open doors that lead to Gospel conversations.

Our Deaf Ministry will be sharing bible stories and the Gospel with the deaf community. During this trip we have an opportunity to visit with over 80 school aged deaf children. We also would like to serve and minister to a group of teachers at a local deaf school in the Tanga region. All who have a heart to serve and share are welcome – you don’t need to worry if you don’t know sign language! We have local Tanzanian sign language translators who will translate and sign for you and our US Deaf Ministry leader is ready to train you in all the ministry tools you will be using.

Join us for a God sized experience that will not only change your life, but also have an eternal impact on those you meet and minister to in Tanzania!


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Join us for a God sized experience to evangelize the Deaf community and reaching the unreached through Community Transformation.

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Johnson Ferry Baptist Church only

Trip Information

Trip Type: Opportunity

Region: Africa

Location: Tanga, Tanga Region, Tanzania