Training Update: December 2021

A Message from Strategy Coordinator John W.

Hello again. My name is John W. and I’m an e3 Strategy Coordinator and Senior Trip Leader. When my wife Janelle and I are state-side, we reside in San Antonio, Texas. We currently serve on the Made to Multiply team, which means we’re actively working to help existing staff embrace our new 5-year initiative to train 1 million believers.

We are committed to embracing a Great Commission lifestyle and encourage others to do the same. Here is an example of what that looks like for us. God has provided an opportunity for us to lead a house church in our home town. Additionally, we conduct weekly prayer walks in our community, and work to train both local church bodies & individuals, including college students. We are also a part of the No Place Left city leadership team, working in partnership to see the Great Commission accomplished in and through our city of San Antonio. One of our e3 USA staff and NPL city team member, Nathan C., has led the team in reaching over 14 apartment complexes in our city through a partnership with Way Forward. Other partnerships include Navigators, the San Antonio Baptist Association, and numerous churches.

Our hearts’ desire is to raise up leaders, rather than followers. That’s why we also lead 9-month residencies which allow us to help experienced evangelists take their skills to the next level as they prepare to become Strategy Coordinators. Because the residencies are online, we have witnessed God raise up new leaders here at home and in far-away places, including India and Uganda! We encourage trainers to pattern their training efforts after the “Model/Assist/Watch/Launch” methodology, and to pursue a 3-touch approach, which involves 1) training a church, 2) leading a Commands of Christ small group, and 3) planning another training within 2-3 months.

We are so grateful to the Lord that we get to help others develop their leadership skills and evangelism strategies. In December, we traveled to a Train the Trainer event in Charlotte, North Carolina led by Chris G. During this two-day event, we had 9 participants on Friday who wanted to strengthen their skills as practitioners of Gospel Conversations Training, and we had 25 participate in community outreach on Saturday. I’m pleased to share that 3 people accepted Christ during roughly 2 hours of outreach!

One person really left an impression on me and I’d like to ask you to pray for him. Eddie is a husband and father of three children who is out of work after recently surviving a major accident and a coma. He accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior during the outreach and believes God is giving him a second chance at life. We have put Eddie and his family in touch with a local pastor, who will continue ministering to them. Please pray that God will restore Eddie’s health and do a powerful work in his life as he pursues his new faith in Christ.

I hope my story gives you a glimpse at some of the roles and responsibilities of an e3 Strategy Coordinator. As 2022 approaches, I would encourage you to pray about e3’s newly announced residencies. If you feel that the Lord is encouraging you to pursue the pathway to becoming an e3 Strategy Coordinator, you can sign up below via EventBrite. Thanks for reading and may God bless you!

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