Training Update: May 2022

Hi there,

I’m Amy, a part-time Strategy Coordinator and member of the Dallas/Fort Worth Diaspora team. I’m also the mom of three young children! Whether I am interacting with their peers and other parents, or meeting new people at the park and on play dates, I feel emboldened to share the hope we have in Jesus. One nice thing about Gospel Conversations Training is that it can accommodate the whole family; we have parents and children attend many of the training sessions.

While sharing the Gospel can be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. Last weekend at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas, I walked many training participants through the 3 Circles, a brief visual presentation of God’s story. Because this tool is easy to use, our attendees began to develop a genuine sense of confidence as they practiced telling others about Jesus. Even my 10 year-old child boldly shared the 3 Circles, which was an incredible thing to witness.

After the participants had mastered a few Gospel-sharing tools, we broke into small teams and ventured out into the community to share the love of Christ with others. An hour later, it was time for us to re-group at Prestonwood to share our experiences. An English-speaking evangelism team of 3 returned with a surprise guest: a believer named Luis,* who only spoke Spanish.

When this evangelism team had knocked on Luis’ door just minutes prior, they quickly realized they couldn’t communicate with words because of the language barrier. And so they shared the 3 Circles. Luis could tell, from the pictures alone, that this team was sharing God’s story—and he wanted to be a part of it!

Luis immediately jumped in the team’s car and headed to Prestonwood with his new friends. En route to the church, he and the team used Google Translate on their mobile phones to begin communicating with one another. I am bilingual, so after Luis arrived at Prestonwood, we connected him with the church’s Spanish ministry and ensured that he had a ride to church on Sunday. Additionally, Luis is eager to join us at one of our upcoming bilingual Gospel Conversations Training sessions in Dallas. This is what the training is all about: making disciples who will, in turn, make even more disciples!

I hope this testimony encourages you to press into the Made to Multiply initiative and Gospel Conversations Training. God is able to work through our willingness to tell His story, no matter the circumstances! Please keep Luis in your prayers. Pray that he will begin to boldly share God’s story and his personal testimony with others, and make disciples.

Amy P.
Strategy Coordinator
e3 Partners Ministry

*Please note: Luis’ name has been changed to ensure his safety and anonymity.