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Our mission among the United States is simple: #NoPlaceLeft. Our desire is to see the good news of Jesus proclaimed to every person in the United States until there is literally no place left. We are striving toward this vision by equipping believers and churches to: 1) evangelize those who are far from God with the good news of Jesus; 2) establish new churches among those who believe the good news; 3) disciple new believers to become healthy, reproducing, transformative churches in their community. Now when we say “church” we don’t mean the box with a steeple. We simply mean a gathering of baptized believers devoted to obeying Jesus and living on mission together. We believe a church can meet here, there, or anywhere. Moreover, we believe it must. Over 50% of Americans are unchurched. And 53% percent of the unchurched population will not come to a church building if invited. Who is going to own this harvest field of nearly 156 million people far from God? It’s time believers are equipped and mobilized to bring Jesus and His church to all those far from God in the United States.

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We believe God’s heart is for people from every tribe, tongue and nation to worship him one day. In much of the world, and especially in Africa, that is not true today. Over the last few years, He has opened our eyes to the fact that there are so many people who live and die without ever even hearing about Jesus. This has led us to live on mission wherever we are - seeking to share the Gospel, equip believers to share their faith and see healthy, reproducing churches.

We are currently living and working to see this vision accomplished in Nairobi, Kenya with plans to move to North Africa sometime in 2024. Our time is spent pursuing this vision in Nairobi, different areas of Kenya and across Eastern and Northern Africa. 

Your generosity has freed us up to live out what God has placed on our hearts. Your one-time and monthly support provides for our practical needs, protects against financial emergencies that may disrupt ministry, and supplies ongoing training and resources.

Through your financial support, you are truly a part of everything God does through us. You are making an impact on the Kingdom with your contributions and we couldn’t do this without you!

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