Bania (Oriya) People Group

THE BANIA (ORIYA) PEOPLE GROUP HAS A POPULATION OF ABOUT 263,000. They live in East India, within the state of Odisha. Their primary religion is Hinduism, and the majority of them have never heard the message of the gospel. Our team has begun raising up new disciples among them. We’ve trained 6 new believers from the Bania, and with your help and the power of the Holy Spirit, those 6 can multiply exponentially! They are eager to spread the gospel among the rest of their people group, and our team is eager to come alongside them as they work towards raising up disciples, churches and Christian leaders, until there are worshiping groups in all the villages, communities and localities of the Bania (Oriya) people.

What’s it going to take?

There are Christian leaders being raised up among the Bania (Oriya) people ready to engage the rest of their community with the message of the Gospel, but they need resources for travel, trainings, Bibles and other materials. 

Total Cost = $36,000 ($12,000/yr for 3 years)

*If you’d like more information or have any questions about adopting the Bania (Oriya) people group, you can contact us at 214.440.1101 or by email at

Our Strategy

e3 Partners uses a strategy known as 4 Fields. It follows the examples set by Jesus and Paul throughout the Gospels and Acts of sharing the gospel, discipling believers, starting churches and building up more leaders.

Learn More About the 4 Fields Strategy

Training Roll-Out

There are 3 phases we go through to spread the gospel throughout an unreached people group (UPG).

  • Phase 1: Gospel Conversations Training and Harvesting
  • Phase 2: 4 Fields Intensive Trainings
  • Phase 3: Mid-Levels, Foundations (Pastoral Training) and Confessions (Doctrine Training)


e3 will provide you with quarterly reports of the work happening among the people group you choose to adopt. These reports will include data of things like number of gospel presentations, number of churches planted, etc. as well as specific stories of the work God is doing among the people group you’ve adopted.

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