Every year, we send hundreds of volunteers overseas to provide free medical, eye, and dental exams to communities where health care is not readily available. While meeting these tangible needs, we work with church-planting teams to present the Gospel and connect individuals with local congregations.

Whether you’re a medical professional or just a concerned Christian, there are many opportunities to provide life-saving medical relief and promote HIV/AIDS awareness, Malaria prevention, and health education.

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Vital Statistics

Expeditions in 2013: 37

Patients Served: 30,522

Gospel Presentations: 15,138


  • Iquitos, Peru

    November 28, 2014 - December 7, 2014

    This Expedition will combine ecotourism with medical church planting. We will be staying aboard La Estrella on the Amazon River as we minister in and around Requena.

  • Butwal, Nepal

    December 31, 2014 - January 8, 2015

    This is our second expedition to this area in South Nepal, south of Kathmandu. There are very few churches in this entire region. Our strategy is to carefully and methodically work in each district to plant a church. Read More ›

  • Kajo Keji, South Sudan

    February 17-25, 2015

    An Untamed LandThe city of Kajo Keji is located in the southernmost region of South Sudan, the world’s newest country. South Sudan gained its independence in 2011 following decades of costly civil wars. Read More ›

  • Iquitos, Peru

    March 6-12, 2015

    The Gateway to the Amazon Iquitos, located in Northeastern Peru, is the country’s largest rain forest city. With a population of 422,000, it is also the fifth largest city in Peru. Read More ›

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