4 Fields Training

4 Fields Training

Welcome to the 4 Fields Training site! Watch this quick introductory video for an overview of all of the resources available to you.

Resources For Multiplying Healthy Disciples and Churches

Start Here:
411 Training - video  - slides
Commands of Christ - video - document

4 Fields of Jesus Strategy

4 Fields Explained - video
4 Fields Diagram with Tools - document


1: Entry - Empty Field

Oikos Map - video
Luke 10 – House of Peace Search - video


2: Gospel - Seeded Field

Your Story – 15 Second Testimony - video
God’s Story – 3 Circles - video
4 Responses to the Gospel - video
Discovery Bible Study: 7 Stories of Hope - document


3: Discipleship - Sprouted Field

411 Training for Green Lights and Existing Believers - video - slides
3/3rds Pattern of Discipleship - video
Commands of Christ - video - document
Sword Bible Study Method - video


4: Church Formation - Harvested Field

Church Circle - Acts 2:36-47 - video
Handy Guide to a Healthy Church - Right Hand - document


5: Leadership Development

Start Here:
4 Fields Training Explained using 5 Levels of Movement Leadership - video
Then Here:
5 Levels of Movement Leadership Explained In Depth - video - article


Leadership Training & Coaching Toolbox List

Tools organized by 5 Levels of Leadership - document
Tools organized in list form. webpage

Resources in Spanish from the No Place Left Network



While the Lord had been calling Cedar Ridge to obey the great commission both in our neighborhoods and the nations, we had no clear strategy nor tools. The Four Fields training has given us the biblical strategy and tools to engage the world with the gospel, make disciples, plant churches and mobilize missionaries to the ends of the earth.
-Bryan, Mobilization Minister, USA

Thank you e3 Partners for being a part of our ministry! The 4 Fields training you have provided has given us a clear vision, goal, and strategy for effective church planting. Now, everywhere I train, people are seeing multiplication in church growth and reproducing churches to reach new villages! Our vision is to see a church in every village in our country.
– National Partner, Southeast Asia

In my 45 years of ministry, teaching the 4 Fields especially concentrating at first on 411, 3/3 discipleship and Commands of Christ is the best package I’ve ever seen. Simple, Biblical and totally reproducible.
-Sam, Latin America Regional Director

Doing what Jesus did, going and making disciples by walking together, hand in hand, taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth. That is the simplicity of the biblical Four Fields model.
– Darby, Africa Regional Director