The love of sports is a universal phenomenon. Even in the most remote areas, children know how their favorite teams are doing. SportReach uses recreational play as an open door to build relationships, break down barriers, and share the Gospel in new communities.

On a SportReach expedition, you can help us minister to children, teenagers, and their families by spending time with them on the field. Throughout the day, you’ll have the opportunity to share stories that communicate the Gospel while offering an afternoon of freedom from the poverty and hopelessness that often loom overhead.

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  • Caribbean - CU16A

    June 10-18, 2016

    We will be going to the city of Placetas to conduct baseball clinics and have baseball games with local 16-20 year olds. It will create great interest and many form the community will come to watch…especially when the local Cubans play the Americans. Read More ›

  • Cusco, Peru - PE16L

    June 17-26, 2016

    Our team will be reaching out to people in the remote mountain areas outside the city of Cusco and around the Sacred Valley of Peru. Our team will be hiking and camping in these remote areas. Read More ›

  • Velikie Luki, Russia

    June 22, 2016 - July 6, 2016

    Come join us as we return to Velikie Luki, Russia for the fourth consecutive year! We partner with Pastor Anatoly Chubakov and his church! We will use sports as a tool to share the gospel with people of all ages. Read More ›

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