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God is on the move and our desire is to partner with Him, as His Ambassadors, in His ministry of reconciliation. There are four provinces and 32 counties in Ireland. The Ireland Country Strategy is to raise up ‘master trainers’ to oversee each province in training church planters for each of the 32 counties. Each trainer will raise up leaders that will engage the lost, proclaim the gospel, make disciples and plant healthy, reproducing churches. Our aim is for each church plant to multiply to the fourth generation. With the DNA of multiplication within each church, we feel that we will truly see a movement of God that will only end when there is No Place Left!

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Vital Statistics

Population: 4,760,000

Evangelical Christians: .47%

Fastest Growing Religion: Islam

Languages: English


  • Ireland - IE18A

    May 18-27, 2018

    Ireland is a country of extreme beauty and once had a well established Christian heritage. This heritage is diminishing quickly, and we need to revitalize this nation for Christ. Read More ›