With roughly 4% of the world’s trade passing through Panama every year, the country is blessed with one of the most advanced infrastructures in Latin America. In terms of wildlife, it is also the most diverse country in the region.

In recent years, the people have become increasingly interested in spiritual matters and more responsive to the Gospel as a result. Since 1970, evangelicals have grown from just 5% of the population to 20% in 2010.

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Vital Statistics

Population: 3,508,475

Life Expectancy: 75.5 Years

Religions: Christianity (90%), Nonreligious (3%), Ethnic Religions (1%)

Languages: Spanish


  • Santiago, Panama

    March 21-28, 2015

    This will be a closed expedition, by invitation only, so we can provide the best mix of doctors, nurses and leaders for the pharmacy students, and to put on clinics. Read More ›

  • Barranquilla, Panama

    August 1-9, 2015

    We will be traveling into the rainforests of Panama to reach the Ngobe people, an unreached people group. We will be serving their medical needs through medical clinics, their physical needs through health education and their spiritual needs through evangelism and oral bible storying strategies. Read More ›