Trips to Africa

Monze, Zambia - ZM21A

May 7-16, 2021

About the size of Texas, Zambia is home to over 80 ethnic groups and a place of refuge for
Burundians and Rwandans from the 1994 genocide. Copper mining and refining are the
mainstays. The country is also largely agricultural.

Despite Zambia’s economic struggles, Christianity is thriving. Believers are rising into positions
of power, opening the door for further missions work. Meanwhile, new ministries are being
established to address Zambia’s economic and social needs. Still, there is much work to do be done.

This expedition is a unique opportunity to reach the people of Zambia with the story of
Jesus. We are working with a series of churches who have a passion for reaching their
neighbors and communities.

We are excited to be a part of His work around the world. In Zambia we will partner with a medical team that will conduct medical clinics while we go into surrounding villages to share the gospel, seek persons of peace and develop in-home discipleship groups, just like the Acts 2 church. Again, at e3 Partners, we are bringing the Love of Jesus in WORD and DEED. You can be a part of sharing how to prevent Human Trafficking or training in HIV or Malaria prevention. There is a place for you!


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Trip Type: Opportunity

Region: Africa

Location: Monze, Southern Province, Zambia

Tags: Children, Medical