A few years ago, e3 Partners was introduced to the Garcia’s* and a friendship quickly formed. After hearing the story of the Gospel from the e3 team, their hearts were transformed and they felt compelled to share it with others. Throughout the course of the next few months, multiple e3 teams traveled to Peru to train the Garcia’s and join them in evangelizing to other Peruvians. It wasn’t long before there were multiple churches and dozens of new believers eager to share the Gospel.

Several months later, an e3 team made a trip back to Peru to check on the Garcia family. When they arrived, the team was led to a room and shown a new “map”. The map looked like a family tree and had over 100 branches on it.

“What do each of the branches represent?” someone asked.

“Those are all of the churches that have been planted in our city and many of the surrounding cities since the last time you visited us.”

The team was speechless. It had been less than a year since the last e3 trip to Peru. To have planted over 100 churches in that timeframe was nothing short of incredible. Everyone stood around the map for the next few minutes, looking at all of the branches that traced back to the first church the Garcia family and e3 Partners had planted together. There was this feeling of overwhelming joy that came over the room. God was clearly in Peru, and He was moving fast.

As everyone walked out the door, ready to continue spreading the Gospel in Peru, each person had the same thought running through their mind.

“I can’t wait to see how big that map is next year.”

*A pseudonym