Three years ago, one of our Strategy Coordinators, James*, led a Muslim man named Omar* to faith in the Middle East. Omar was from an unengaged unreached people group, which is a group with a shared language and culture that has no reproducing local church or person trying to establish a church among them.

“He was extremely interested in the Word, reading whole books daily, and reviewing the 3 Circles Gospel tool constantly,” James said. “Other team members who knew Arabic stepped in to start discipling this man after he believed and was baptized.”

When Omar returned home after becoming a believer, he shared the Gospel with many family members, including his wife. 

“His wife was a devoted Muslim and would not listen to him or allow him to share with their children,” James said. “She threatened many times to divorce him. The whole community seemed to be against him.”

James received an update on Omar recently from one of the team members who discipled him and remains in contact with him.

“His wife and children are now believers in Christ!” James said. “Additionally, there are several house churches meeting in his town because of his perseverance to share the Gospel and lead others to faith and baptism. There were no churches in this people group before, so this is wonderful news!”

Omar’s sister in Nashville, TN, initiated his first meeting with James three years ago, and now she and her husband are being discipled by other e3 staff in their hometown as well.

“They have seen eight baptisms recently resulting from them sharing the Gospel!” James said. “Omar’s brother-in-law accompanied one of these disciplers back to the Middle East to share among his oikos living there. This family has been transformed!”

*Names and images have been changed to ensure safety and anonymity.