During the month of Ramadan, two of e3’s Strategy Coordinators in the Middle East, Amos* and Christine*, gathered locals and other expats in their area to join in what they called a month-long “Gospel push.”

Their four goals included:

  1. Increasing prayer and dependence on God by fasting for 30 days
  2. Increasing boldness and regular proclamation of the Gospel
  3. Finding new disciples and households who believe
  4. Forming a local team with a unified vision, language, and tools

Just a few days into the month, Amos and Christine saw God work in incredible ways. One day, they visited a local believer named Mo* to discuss what church planting looks like in Acts, and Mo’s mother joined.

“Something was off,” Amos said. “She looked in deep despair and distress, but she quietly joined the entire time. Later while I shared my testimony to her, she began to weep. Simply put, since her husband’s passing, a few different men had taken advantage of her. Now she was controlled by the images of these men. We spoke truth over her of freedom in Christ and about forgiveness. We prayed over her and their home. She awoke the next day, found a Bible, and read over 20 chapters! Mo said she was different and had a new hunger for God’s Word!”

Amos and Christine also had a local couple joining them in their “Gospel push,” and the wife, Nadine*, said she hadn’t yet been baptized.

“She often had what she called ‘death voices’ that kept her from obeying Christ,” Christine said. “We dug into the Word on baptism and specifically focused on Romans 6. She learned that, since she is already ‘dead’, the ‘death voices’ have no power. The next night our team gathered with them. We taught them how to baptize one another, and then her husband was able to baptize her!”

The next day, Nadine and her husband joined an expat couple that was also committed to the “Gospel push” month. There was a man in the neighborhood they had made attempts to share the Gospel with, but language had been a barrier. Nadine and her husband spoke the language of this man!

“They were able to extensively share the Good News,” Christine said. “The man repented and believed. They took him to Matthew 28, and he expressed the desire to be baptized immediately. So they did!”

We are praising God for the faithfulness of Amos, Christine, and their local partners in the Middle East who committed to this “Gospel push.”


*Names have been changed to ensure safety and anonymity.