Andy*, one of e3’s Strategy Coordinators, led a trip of five to share the Gospel and plant healthy, multiplying churches in a rural community in Africa. While Andy and local pastor Munesu* were sharing the Gospel, they met a young man who said his father, Farai*, was sick inside his house. 

“When we got to Farai’s house, we found him asleep, and he couldn’t wake up,” Munesu said. “But when he heard that he had visitors from church, his son helped him to come out of his bedroom.”

Andy and Munesu waited for Farai to come out, and when he did he walked very slowly and feebly and had a withered hand. He could barely speak, but Farai managed to tell them that he was a Christian and was active in his church, but he had fallen out of fellowship with Jesus. He then fell down and vomited repeatedly. 

“It didn’t look good,” Andy said. “So the team prayed for his hand, wrist, and faith to be restored. He started to move his arm and hand, and he recommitted his life to the Lord. He was able to stand back up and asked us to come back the next day.”

When Andy and Munesu returned to Farai’s house, his hand had completely recovered – he even carried out a bench for them to sit on! Farai was also able to walk normally and speak very well.

“He was like a new man,” Andy said. 

One of the team members sensed the Lord leading him to give Farai his personal Bible, which he did. Later, they found out that another team had prayed for Farai to receive a Bible just half an hour before. 

“What a God we serve!” Andy said. “He answers prayers! It’s so much fun to see the Lord at work like this.”

Along with Farai’s healing, the trip resulted in 88 Gospel presentations, 46 professions of faith (20 of which were children), 15 new believers trained to share their faith, three churches strengthened, and one new church started.

*Names have been changed to ensure safety and anonymity.