Alana*, one of e3’s church planting mobilizers, recently led a medical mission trip to southern Europe. She and a team partnered with Dimitar*, a pastor and national partner, to set up a clinic in his church and examine patients, pray for people, and share the Gospel.

Many of the villagers the clinic served were from two communities who do not mix due to resentment and violence. 

“Nonetheless, members of both these people groups ventured into an evangelical church to be taken care of physically and spiritually by a group of loving Americans,” Alana said.

One day during the trip, a woman named Miriana* brought her daughter Dorothea* to the clinic. Dorothea had suffered with epilepsy for years.

“Doctors were unable to help, and her mother longed to see her precious daughter cured and living a normal life,” Alana said. “At the clinic she was treated kindly, loved on, and prayed for, but we too were unfit to provide a cure.”

Alana asked Miriana and Dorothea to meet with their counseling team, and the two agreed. During that meeting, the counseling team shared the hope and love of Christ with the young women.

“The team prayed over the daughter and asked for the Great Physician, the only One able to heal, to intervene and transform this mother and daughter’s future for His glory,” Alana said. “Two days later we received an excited message from the local pastor that the daughter was healed and the mother went around the villages, on Facebook, and to anyone willing to listen testifying about the miracle Jesus made in her daughter’s life. God still moves!”

At the end of the trip, Alana and her team examined 208 patients, presented the Gospel 128 times, and saw 41 people come to faith in Christ.                                                                         

Dimitar wrote this note to Alana and her team before they returned to the United States: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We saw what we have never seen before: village mayors coming for examinations and then for the Gospel. People who go to the mosque coming for examinations in the church and then going to the evangelical tables. It was great. I pray to God you come back again. This is the Gospel in action. Together we can do much more for the Lord of life. Praise the Lord!”

We are so grateful that e3 Medical trips have opened up opportunities for e3 to enter new areas, share the Gospel, and plant healthy, multiplying, transformative churches around the world.

*Names have been changed to ensure safety and anonymity.