Happy New Year from the team at e3 Partners!

2022 seems to be brimming with possibilities. As such, you might be tempted to craft some new year’s resolutions right about now. After all, it can certainly be fun mulling over a goal and asking friends & family what they’re resolving to do.

Typical resolutions might include mastering a new hobby, getting fit by summer, or paying off debt … But let’s face it: sometimes, new year’s resolutions fall through the cracks. Though they’re embraced by millions around the world, many people fail to follow through as the year progresses. Consider this: it’s rare to hear anyone discussing their new year’s resolutions 12 months later at the end of a calendar year. In fact, December ought to be the perfect time for people to check in with one another—yet oftentimes it’s as if we never made any resolutions at all.

That’s why e3 Partners Ministry is encouraging believers to buck the trend of new year’s resolutions in favor of something altogether more meaningful: a Great Commission lifestyle—not just in 2022, but for each and every year to come.

“What exactly is a Great Commission lifestyle?” you might ask. To put it plainly, it’s living a fruitful life just as Jesus instructed in Matthew 28—one in which we’re loving others well by sharing the Gospel and multiplying disciples.

If you’re ready to take an initial first step toward exponential spiritual change in the new year, scroll below to watch a brief video overview of Made to Multiply. This new initiative aims to train 1 million believers to share the hope of Christ with the lost and you’re invited to be a part of it!

Please enjoy the video and stay tuned for actionable opportunities to embrace a Great Commission lifestyle through Made to Multiply, until all have heard the name of Jesus Christ. God bless you in 2022!

Made to Multiply from e3 Partners on Vimeo.