I’m Brad, e3 Partners’ Vice President of Marketing & Communications, and I’d like to wish you and your family a very special 4th of July holiday! Amid the fireworks, barbecues, and festivities, I enjoy pondering the historic nature of this day—and how it parallels our Christian walk.

On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress ratified the Declaration of Independence, affirming that the U.S. was no longer subject to the British monarchy. We were free! However, fighting during the Revolutionary War continued on for several more years through 1783.

Have you noticed that our spiritual journey follows a similar format? When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we receive a written declaration in scripture that we are free; indeed, we are no longer slaves to sin through the power of Christ (Romans 6:6-7). But because the enemy lies in wait, we must fight the good fight after our victory has been proclaimed—until we finish the race (2 Timothy 4:7).

It might seem paradoxical to declare victory before a fight has concluded. But that’s the nature of our walk with a powerful, almighty God. So as we celebrate a joyous 4th of July, let’s cherish our freedoms & victories in Christ and ask the Lord to strengthen us for the battles ahead.