People tend to have many preconceived ideas about missionaries. When I think of the word “missionary,” I picture a married couple in their early 30’s with 2-3 children serving full-time in a remote part of the world. How about you—what exactly do you envision?

In reality, there are all types of missionaries within the e3 Partners organization and they often consider themselves as ordinary people with a heart for Jesus. For example, missionary Kevin R. of Georgia is a young, single business owner and he regularly conducts missions work right here in the US.

Other missionaries like Jerry H. also defy typical stereotypes. In his late 60’s, Jerry maintains a full-time job in the US as a general contractor. He has been constructing hospitals and office buildings for over 25 years. But this work doesn’t stop Jerry from serving the Lord; in fact, he has been serving as a part-time missionary in Ghana for more than 20 years!

Since 1999, Jerry and his wife have frequently visited the West African nation to foster relationships with 17 national partners who reside in the country. Together, they host gospel activities that support local communities, including rural church planting, church leadership development seminars, and village evangelism training sessions. Recently, they had over 90 locals from 9 different villages show up for gospel training. This July, the national partners in Ghana received additional funding from e3 Partners to continue this meaningful work. Jerry and his national partners also conduct various humanitarian projects within the country, including medical clinics, water well installations, and more.

Jerry exemplifies the fact that missionaries can come from all age groups, backgrounds, and work histories. They often look just like you and me. With this in mind, we ask you to consider an important question: could God be calling you to the missions field?

Jerry is looking for more short-term mission trip participants who have a heart for the Lord and would like to learn more about Ghana. Additionally, he’s interested in finding believers who would be interested in carrying on this important work after he retires.

Through e3 Partners, you can participate in an online, virtual mission trip from the comfort of your home, or travel to a destination near or far via our short-term trips. We invite you to prayerfully consider a mission trip with us in the near future. Learn more at: