One of e3’s Strategy Coordinators, Helen*, visited a new city in South Asia to share the Gospel with the people there. She locked eyes with the very first Muslim woman she saw, Durra*, and Helen began a conversation with her. She told her about Jesus, and she was very interested but not yet ready to give her life to Christ.

So, a few weeks later, Helen’s friend Leila* and a local believer Vanani* returned to the city to follow up with Durra.

“Durra listened, and we got to share so much!” Leila said. “She had lots of questions and was agreeing with everything we were saying.”

Durra listened excitedly to the stories about Jesus, then she asked if Leila and Vanani ever had dreams. So Vanani asked Durra if she’d had a specific dream she wanted to talk to them about.

“Durra said she’d had two dreams about a man in all white like the light,” Vanani said. “We had her read Revelation 1, and she said that it was exactly like her dream!”

Durra realized that the man she had seen in her dreams was Jesus, and she accepted Christ as her Savior! Leila and Vanani then prayed with Durra and she said she was so happy that she could now pray all the time in such a simple way.

“We asked her what she would do now that she has this knowledge,” Leila said. “She said she is going to share it with others because it is so important!”


*Names and images have been changed to ensure safety and anonymity.