My name is Anne Lucas (pictured on the left) and I’m the Director of e3 Medical & Short-Term Trips here at e3 Partners Ministry. I’d like to share a wonderful testimony from one of our recent medical missions in the Middle East! If you didn’t already know, e3’s medical and short-term mission trips went on a temporary hiatus in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, with international travel restrictions lifting, we’ve resumed our work and I recently embarked on my first e3 trip in over 14 months.

Our team flew to an undisclosed location in the Middle East and there we conducted medical missions in three extremely poor villages. We were blessed to have four local physicians join the effort. A Christian pastor in one of the villages actually wept upon learning that e3 would minister to his struggling community. Our team provided much-needed spiritual support, letting the local Christian leaders know they were not forgotten amid the chaos of COVID-19.

The Christian churches in these villages were shut down by the government due to the pandemic. Our e3 team was able to get the government’s permission to open the churches in order to host the medical missions work. We praised God tremendously for this opportunity to re-engage and reinvigorate the local Church.

Despite the sweltering, 105 degree heat, we ministered to approximately 400 local patients in just 4 days! Over 200 of the attendees were non-believers who had an opportunity to learn about Jesus as a result of the medical services we offered. During our time there, six discipleship groups were started in the three villages utilizing “Four Fields” training, which guides believers on how to multiply churches and disciples. We met 4 non-believers who received prayer from our team and then attended a new home-based church later that evening!

Our efforts didn’t stop with the medical ministry. While on location, we also supplied local orphans with love, spiritual encouragement, and homemade teddy bears created by members of a US church. We also provided masks and sunglasses to local-area policemen, who were very grateful to receive the gifts and learn about our message of hope in Christ.

I can’t thank our readers enough for your support of e3 Partners Ministry, which allows us to share the love of Jesus all around the globe, and I look forward to sharing another e3 Medical update with you in the near future.