Recently, Mike Jorgensen, e3’s Director of Global Migration Initiatives, traveled to Poland to hold Gospel Conversations Trainings in two major cities for both Ukrainians and Poles. One of the highlights was seeing several families going through the training together.

“How would the world be different if families did evangelism together?” Mike said. “How would family dynamics change if families ministered together regularly?”

During one training, a man named Ivan* and his wife Daryna* attended with their daughter Elina*, and she invited her friend Maria*.

“During the outreach practice, Ivan and Daryna engaged the first person, while Elina and Maria watched,” Mike said. “Then the two young ladies took off and shared the Gospel with an older gentleman. This is just one of several families who went through the training together. What a strategic way to spend a Saturday!”

During one training, 30 Ukrainians were trained, and several indicated interest in a weekly video call to learn how to use the Commands of Christ discipleship tool. 

During the second training, 51 Polish believers were trained. 

“A big highlight was that several people who were at our summer training helped train this time!” Mike said.

The pastor who hosted the second training was an “enthusiastic host,” Mike said.

“He set an awesome example for his church by going to share the Gospel with family members during the outreach time,” Mike said. “At the end he said, ‘This is ingenious. I’m going to start a discipleship group with our church leaders so we all can learn and implement throughout our church.’”

We are so excited for God’s work in Poland among Poles and Ukrainian refugees, and we are so blessed to be a small part of what God is doing there.

*Names have been changed to ensure safety and anonymity.