Damon*, one of e3’s Strategy Coordinators, recently returned from a trip to South Africa. Two of the days were spent ministering to people in a juvenile facility and a maximum security prison.

At the juvenile facility, Damon showed a Gospel video to 57 boys ages 14-18. The boys came in groups of 5-12 throughout the day.

“Each time I shared the Gospel and offered them a time to receive Jesus, they all indicated they wanted Jesus to be their Lord and Savior,” Damon said. “I was stunned!”

During one conversation, Damon spoke with a young man who said he had been involved in a lot of darkness.

“He renounced the dark things and now has vision to use his rap talents to share the good news of Jesus,” Damon said. “I encouraged him to read and memorize John 1 and 3 and he left on mission.”

The last group Damon met with at the juvenile facility was a group of girls. 

“As they came in, two of them caught my attention,” Damon said. “One had very short hair and she looked very sad. The other had darkness under both eyes and she looked angry and hardened. After they watched the video and heard the Gospel, they received Jesus and both of their faces displayed joy. It was amazing.”

When Damon visited the maximum security prison with his team, the prison guards told them they would only be allowed to speak with 20 men. All in all, the team was able to minister to 80 men.

“Before the men came to our tables, I prayed with my South African partner that God would bring me a pastor to train,” Damon said. “The second man I met with had become a follower of Jesus in prison and was now a pastor in the prison. I spent extra time coaching him on discipleship and on discovery Bible studies!”

We are so thankful that God brought these men and women into Damon’s life to receive the Gospel and be discipled on how to share Him with others. We look forward to the impact they will have on their families and communities in South Africa.

*Names have been changed to ensure safety and anonymity.