One of e3’s missions is to share the Gospel with unreached people groups (UPGs) right here in America through our Diaspora team. Diaspora means the dispersion of a people group from their original homeland, so this team focuses on non-English speaking UPGs in 50 key cities in North America, including New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, and Houston. 

“As people come to experience the freedom of the United States, we want to give them real freedom … the freedom we have in Christ,” said Kyle Pierson, one of e3’s Diaspora Strategy Coordinators (SCs) for the DFW area.

The Diaspora SCs mobilize missionary teams to each reach five groups of people within five target areas and multiply from there.

“More and more people are seeing the ‘five people, five places’ framework as a way to mobilize,” Kyle said. “It’s been interesting to see how that has envisioned people to take on more of the Great Commission than they can chew, so it forces them to mobilize other people into those targets, which then multiplies missionary teams.”

Believers around the country are attending e3’s SC trainings and catching the vision for reaching more people in America after seeing how much lostness exists here.

“In New York City, we did an SC training and it was fun to watch people be empowered and envisioned just by the target list,” Kyle said. “We say that awareness is visibility that creates responsibility. Once they see the target list and the need, there’s an apostolic fire in their belly. They want to take it on. They’re getting a vision for where the Gospel is not and seeing the need to bridge the gaps.”