At the darkest point in his life, Tyler Brown found himself burning a cross. Now, he has committed his life to the One who died on it. Tyler is a Strategy Coordinator with e3 Partners and is featured in the latest White Chair Film from I Am Second, e3’s digital media ministry.

Tyler had it all – all-star athleticism, good grades, a supportive family. The world was at his feet. But he gave up everything to satisfy his all-consuming addictions.

This downward spiral clouded Tyler’s decisions for years. Broken, helpless and hopeless, Tyler found himself somewhere he never thought he would be: at church. Desperate for a new life and story to tell, this one decision to find community changed Tyler’s life forever. Today, Tyler lives a radically-free life and even trains others on how to share their story and God’s story as an e3 Strategy Coordinator.

Watch Tyler’s story of transformation here.