Dana, an e3 Strategy Coordinator, recently led a women’s mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Their objective was to follow up with some villages where water filters had been distributed and proclaim the Gospel to those villages.

In one village, Dana and her team met a man named Joell who made voodoo dolls for a living. 

“Joell would make these dolls, then customers would buy the dolls and bring them to a witch doctor,” Dana said. “The witch doctor would cast spells and black magic onto the dolls. The customers would then use them to torment and devastate whoever they wanted … usually enemies of said customers.”

Though it brought good income for Joell, he didn’t like what he did, Dana said. He knew what the dolls were being used for, and it distressed him. Joell was so troubled by his occupation that he couldn’t even sleep at night.

After hearing Joell’s story, Dana and her team shared the Gospel with him and prayed for his sleep. 

“Joell responded by giving his life to the Lord right on the spot!” Dana said. “We saw him the next day, and he even exclaimed that he got great sleep that night. All praise goes to the Prince of Peace! Please pray along with us for a career change for Joell and growth in his new relationship with Jesus.”