Living in America, it can be easy to look around at the dark culture and confused youth and feel hopeless. But thankfully, missionaries like Tim* and Danielle* look at that darkness and see an opportunity for the light of Christ.

Tim and Danielle are two of e3’s Made to Multiply Strategy Coordinators based in southern Florida. Over the summer, they started a group called ARISE out of their own home for young adults in the area. They met six days a week from 8-11 a.m. for four weeks straight. They covered topics including prayer, leading Bible studies, sharing the Gospel, making disciples, baptism, prophecy, hearing God’s voice, physical and inner healing, shepherding, walking in thanksgiving, and more. 

“The success of this time was the hungry young adults that God brought to our home day after day,” Danielle said. “They just simply wanted more of Jesus! Some of the fruit we saw from ARISE was a simple church starting in another home, many of the group starting to make disciples themselves, more confidence and regularity in sharing the Gospel on a weekly basis, people getting healed, people getting baptized, and seeing new people come to Christ.”

Tim and Danielle have helped start several house churches in Florida, many of which are filled with young people desperately seeking the Lord. One of these churches, called Revival TC, consists of a growing group of young adults who gather in houses and meet on Wednesday nights.

“They are seeing other Gen Zers get radically saved, delivered, healed, and set free from all kinds of crazy bondage to darkness,” Tim said. “This wildfire is starting to spread throughout the community now, too. More and more people are coming to Christ, and in our eight years of doing this kind of ministry, we’ve never seen more openness to God among the people in our area.”

The stories coming out of Revival TC have been nothing short of miraculous, Tim said. One of these is below:

“I was a drug dealer making six figures as a teenager. I was a thief, an addict, and a strong atheist. I was demonically oppressed and traumatized by my mom for most of my upbringing. Then one day, in the midst of my unhappiness and gloom, I said, ‘I have literally tried everything to fill me up, and nothing has worked. I’ll give Jesus a try and just see what happens.’ Well, everything changed. He overwhelmed me with His love. He gave me a new family. I’m finally happy and wake up happy every day! I’m renewed, transformed, and I can’t stop getting enough of Jesus. I want more of Him!”

“There are so many more stories like this,” Tim said. “God is rescuing a hurting generation and delivering them from all kinds of darkness! Praise God for what He is doing. The Kingdom of God is near!”

*Names have been changed to ensure safety and anonymity.