*This photo is a representation of Paulette. Her actual photo has been replaced for security purposes.

Paulette* used to live a large city in north Ecuador. One day, there was a knock on her door, and when she looked out the window, she could tell they were missionaries. She did not want to hear about God, so she didn’t answer.

A short time later, she moved to another city in Ecuador, and again some Christians knocked on her door. This time, she answered. They shared the Gospel with her, but Paulette was not yet ready to accept Jesus into her life.

Then she moved again. She and her husband had a daughter, and a few years went by. Then one day, they heard music coming from a nearby church and something stirred inside of Paulette. She and her husband felt compelled to go to the church. They walked over, and were immediately accepted by the church community.

They felt overwhelmed with love and began attending a weekly church service. After just a few weeks, they accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and now, Paulette, her husband, and their daughter all have leadership roles at the church!

God used a small seed that was planted by a few faithful Christians to grow into a family of disciples.

*A pseudonym