Last week, Randy*, an e3 Strategy Coordinator in South Asia, led a 3.5-day intensive training for about 50 leaders from seven states in the area. The training focused on how to multiply disciples, churches, and leaders.

During the training, Randy kept one brutal fact up on the whiteboard and kept coming back to it: Every day, more than 7,000 people die without Christ in their states. 

“One young brother was brought to tears by these states, so he developed a plan whereby he and his team can multiply to hundreds of leaders by the end of this year,” Randy said. “They will lead online Zoom training for their leaders five days a week at 5 a.m. and pass on the training they received.”

Another leader and his wife were in tears and told Randy, “This is the training we need for the burden we have.” Already in the last few days, that team has gone back, shared the Gospel, and people have professed faith. 

During the introductions time of the training, nearly every leader shared about the intense persecution they have been facing in their fields. The intros organically became: Name, where you’re from, and what persecution you have been enduring. 

“Can you imagine a meeting with introductions like that in the U.S.?” Randy said. “The faith of these brothers and sisters is incredibly encouraging and challenging.”

In the field with the heaviest persecution, one woman shared how a police woman came to arrest their believers during a worship gathering. The police woman actually ended up coming to faith in Christ through it!

We are so encouraged by the ways God is moving in South Asia and the faithfulness of these believers persevering through persecution to spread the Gospel.


*Names have been changed to ensure safety and anonymity.