After the U.S. Military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, the team at e3 Partners Ministry saw an opportunity to respond. Now, our residential missionaries in Dallas, Texas serve up hospitality, meals, and Gospel conversations twice a month to local refugee families, many of whom have never heard the name of Jesus.

It all began in late December 2021. By then, 80 Afghan refugee families had arrived in the suburb of Richardson with virtually none of their personal belongings. e3 formed a team of volunteers who went door-to-door at a local motel where the refugees were temporarily staying. There, our staff distributed essential goods to the refugees, including boxed food, winter coats, pressure cookers, tea pots, and other miscellaneous household items. From that moment onward, some of our staff members began to regularly serve the Afghan refugees through bimonthly visits, offering food and fellowship. Today, the outreach continues. And through this simple act of kindness, we have seen doors open to conversations about Jesus.

e3 Partners Ministry has also supported Afghan Christians through our Afghan Crisis Find. The initial news coming out of Afghanistan was certainly difficult to watch. And while television pundits endlessly debated the potential political fallout, our hearts were particularly burdened for our hard-pressed Christian brothers and sisters who remained in the country and needed financial support to flee to safety.

It has now been over a year since the withdrawal from Afghanistan concluded. Today, how can our blog readers help to make a difference? We ask that you pray for the Afghan refugee families that we are ministering to in Dallas. Ask God to open their hearts to the hope of the Gospel. And pray that He would meet their needs as they start a new life in the United States. Additionally, please pray for the Afghan Christians, both those who remained in the country and those who evacuated. Specifically, please pray for strength, protection, provision, encouragement, and boldness. Pray that they will be able to run with perseverance the race marked out for them.

Each and every believer can honor them by running your own race with passion and determination. For though we do not get to choose the time and place of our birth, we are each accountable for the level of faithfulness, perseverance, and sacrifice with which we run the race marked out for us. Thank you for standing in the gap with our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan, and God bless you.