The news coming out of Afghanistan in recent days has been difficult to watch. And while television pundits have endlessly debated the potential political fallout, our hearts have been particularly burdened for our hard-pressed Christian brothers and sisters there.

The Afghan Church has been expanding in recent years. God has been powerfully at work. But, even in the best of times, Afghan believers have been a heavily persecuted minority. Now? Well, it isn’t hard to guess what is likely to come next. In fact, we are already getting distressing reports of atrocities being committed against Christians in various parts of the country.

Some of you have reached out to ask how you might help. 

As you can imagine, the situation is still quite fluid. Our teams operating in the region, along with like-minded partners with whom we work, are in contact with church leaders on the ground. Some are seeking assistance in finding a way out with their families.

Others are determined to stay but have had to go into hiding. Already there are discussions of how to move beyond the necessary reactionary responses to immediate needs, towards a more proactive and strategic effort to support ongoing work in the country. All of these will require a significant and prolonged commitment of financial resources.

To that end, we have set up a specific Afghan Crisis Fund for those of you who wish to contribute.

If this is something you feel God calling you to support, here is a link where you can make your special gift to help our brothers and sisters in crisis right now:

But whether you are able to give right now or not, I would ask that you pray. Pray for strength. Pray for protection and provision. Pray for encouragement. Pray for boldness. Pray that they will be able to run with perseverance the race marked out for them.

And finally, I’d ask that you honor them. Honor them by running your own race with passion and determination. For though we do not get to choose the time and place of our birth, we are each accountable for the level of faithfulness, perseverance, and sacrifice with which we run the race marked out for us. Thank you for standing in the gap with our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan.