We at e3 are excited to announce the very first I Am Second Day on February 22! It’s a day where we will celebrate what God has done through 15 years of I Am Second, e3’s digital media ministry, as well as encourage believers to go from just viewing I Am Second content to doing the work of sharing the Gospel.

Fifteen years ago, I Am Second started as a simple idea: Use the power of media to show the world the hope of Jesus and penetrate a noisy and broken world with a message of peace. It started with a few powerful and authentic films featuring stories about the hope, redemption, and reconciliation people have found in Christ.

But I Am Second was never just about VIEWING. It was always about DOING as well. Baked into I Am Second’s DNA is the idea of action; how you can take what you’ve seen and do something about it. It’s not enough to just watch a film or read a story. It has to be — it needs to be — followed by action.

I Am Second Day offers tangible ways for believers to move the mission forward while celebrating all God has done. Throughout the day on 2/22, we’ll be celebrating what God has and is still doing through I Am Second. I Am Second social media channels will feature videos, interviews, and behind-the-scenes looks at our favorite projects, plus talks with Seconds (those who have told their stories in White Chair Films) and some incredible stories and updates. It will be an exciting day to celebrate where I Am Second has been and where it’s headed.

On this day of action, believers will be encouraged to go from viewing to doing in three particular ways:

  • Share one of your favorite I Am Second films with someone.
  • Share your testimony and the Gospel with someone, then tell I Am Second how it went on social using #iamsecondday.
  • Join with I Am Second as a financial partner to bring the hope of Jesus to others. As a non-profit, I Am Second relies on one-time donations or recurring gifts from donors. We’ve also had a generous partner step up to match any first-time giver donation!

We’re so excited to celebrate I Am Second Day with you. Together we will see transformation happen as we go from viewing to doing – together!