*This photo is a representation of the woman from the story.

It was our first day in the villages and I was a bit anxious, yet excited. What will these villagers think of me? Will they be open to receive Jesus? A million questions flowed through my mind. We arrived at a small home with cement floors and walls. The owner greeted us and we took off our shoes and entered in.

The home had about 15 people inside, men women and children.

Their clothes were colorful and bright, but their eyes looked so dim. For some time, we visited with them and we shared stories about our families and cultures. Then, an opportunity opened up for me to share my testimony, so I did.

When I finished, one of the men stood up and said that they had heard that there was a true God but no one had ever come to tell them how they can know him. “Will you tell us?”, he asked. I quickly said “YES!” and after sharing, all 15 professed faith in Jesus Christ, and suddenly, their eyes no longer seemed dim.

We spent some time in the Word and teaching them stories in the Bible, and then a woman from the group stood up to share. She said, “I have never felt like I was worth much my whole life. My husband doesn’t love me well. I just lost my first grandchild two days ago. He was only two days old when he passed. I have always felt cursed and that I have no purpose, but you came into my village today and told me about a God who loves me. He loves me enough to do all this for me; to send His Son to die for me so that I can know Him forever. I now know Jesus. I don’t know what my life will be like now but I know it will never be the same. Thank you for telling me.”

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