Oscar and I stopped for some lunch and then spent some time in prayer before making our way to the nearby neighborhood. Once we got there, we began knocking on doors, asking people if there was anything they needed prayer for and then letting the Holy Spirit guide the conversation.

The fifth door we knocked on was opened almost immediately, and as it opened, I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was Diego! He smiled from ear to ear as he motioned us to come inside.

“I was just telling my family about you!” he said. “Will you tell them what you told me about how Jesus saved your life?”

It took me a couple seconds to fully realize how incredible this situation was. Only a few hours removed from the conversation I had with Diego in his taxi, I was now in his home sharing my testimony with his entire family!

After I finished, I asked Diego if he wanted to share the Gospel with them. He nodded excitedly. Enthusiasm and hope exuded from him as he told his family about the love of Jesus. It was a beautiful sight. I was grateful to be there witnessing it in person, and I know I’ll remember it forever.

Diego’s entire family professed their faith in Christ that day. They went to the local church with us that night, and afterwards, Diego told me they wanted to keep coming back every week.

I still smile when I think about that moment. It was so encouraging to know that even after we left, Diego’s family was going to continue growing in their faith and their relationships with Jesus. I’m sure God is going to do amazing things through them.

I was in Colombia to help people. I was there to serve, and I did that, but I got so much out of it myself too. God used me in ways I didn’t even think were possible. He helped me overcome fears I’ve had my entire adult life. He directed me to opportunities to further His Kingdom, and the Holy Spirit worked through me. Once again, God changed my life.