A key part of e3 Partners’ strategy for reaching every person and place with the Gospel is partnering with indigenous believers all around the world. That’s what Daniel*, e3’s strategy director for a West African country, has poured his heart and soul into. He has six indigenous partners there who are training people how to share the Gospel, discipling, and planting churches. And God has been blessing their ministry.

One of these national partners, Chidi*, has led 11 trainings already this year. Another partner, Sade*, has led six trainings so far in 2023. She has six more planned before the year ends.

“I am thankful that this year I have been able to lead so many trainings,” Sade said. “By the will of God, I will be leading six more trainings by the end of this year. I pray to reach the Muslims around me who are interested in becoming Christians but are afraid of persecution.”

Obi*, another of Daniel’s national partners, has also led six trainings this year and has six more planned before 2024.

“It’s amazing what the Lord is doing in our field,” Obi said. “We thank God for what He is doing, and we still have six more trainings before the end of the year! We pray that God will give us more openings to preach the Gospel and that the ones trained will put into practice what they have learned.”

All in all, Daniel’s six national partners have trained 856 nationals and 70 pastors so far this year. Those trained believers have shared the Gospel with more than 2,033 people, and 946 have chosen to place their faith in Jesus Christ.

“The Lord is really doing great things,” Daniel said. “Those are exciting numbers, and those numbers keep growing every day because our teams keep going out and doing this ministry all over the country.”

We are encouraged by these brothers and sisters in Christ in West Africa – their obedience to the Great Commission and their heart for the Gospel and for the Lord. We pray more people come to know Him and more healthy, multiplying churches are planted this year because of their faithfulness.

*Names have been changed to ensure safety and anonymity.