Did you know you can use soapmaking to share the Gospel?

Hashem*, one of e3’s Strategy Coordinators in Europe, uses this tactic to share his faith with refugees there. He uses the soapmaking process as a metaphor for living life apart from Christ and how, when we connect with Him, He changes us into something new. You can watch his video demonstration here.

Anne, e3’s Director of Short-Term Trips, works with Hashem when she leads short-term medical missions trips to Europe. Hashem is originally from an area of the Middle East that is volatile for believers.

When Anne first met Hashem, she asked him, “In what country are you seeking asylum?”

Hashem responded, “God has sent me here to serve among my people here. That is where I want to be.”

“He continues to serve the Lord working with our e3 teams, other teams, and his own local ministry among the refugees,” Anne said. “Part of his role is also working among Farsi speaking people in other European countries.”

The soap Hashem makes is sold to help fund the various ministry activities he does among refugees. We are excited to see the ways God will continue to use Hashem and his soapmaking business to reach more refugees with the Gospel!


*Name has been changed to ensure safety and anonymity.