Tim* and Natasha*, two e3 Strategy Coordinators in Central Asia, met a woman named Saliha* at the beginning of the month. She asked about their faith and Tim and Natasha were able to share with her.

“She said she had seen the Jesus Film a while back and had been curious ever since,” Natasha said. “She asked, ‘How can I try this out?’ We said let’s meet together soon and read God’s Word together!”

Tim and Natasha met several times throughout April with Saliha to study the Bible. One of the days, while they were meeting with Saliha and another local believer, they asked Saliha more specifically where she was from in Central Asia.

“She said the name of her town, and we were surprised to find out it was a town we’d already been praying for, because we’ve heard there are no known churches there!” Tim said. “The local believer who was with us said ‘Wow; there are no Jesus followers from there.’ Then Saliha exclaimed, ‘Now there’s one!’”

Saliha has invited her friends to learn more about Jesus and started a Bible study in her apartment that has been meeting for two weeks now. Praise the Lord!


*Names and images have been changed to ensure safety and anonymity.