Hi. I’m Ross, the Director of Church Relations at e3 Partners Ministry. In my role, I help churches embrace the Made to Multiply initiative so we can collectively equip one million believers in North America to share the Gospel!

A key component of the Made to Multiply initiative is Gospel Conversations Training. This weekend, e3 Partners will lead believers and churches through this evangelism training across four states, including Idaho, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Texas. During the training, believers will gather in a group setting to discover what the Bible has to say about making disciples. Then, they’ll venture out into the community to put this knowledge to work as they share God’s story and their personal testimonies.

Because many churches have never shared the Good News, my team and I employ a simple, 4-step process to train up believers and churches. It’s known as “Model, Assist, Watch, and Launch.” During the first step known as Modeling, e3 Partners leads a church through a Gospel Conversations Training session for the very first time while the church observes. During the second step known as Assisting, e3 conducts a follow-up training session and encourages the church to co-lead it. In the third step, Watching, we host another Gospel Conversations Training session with the same church; this time, the e3 staff members watch and encourage the church members as they lead this training session on their own. Finally, during the fourth step called Launching, the church launches out on its own to train up other churches in a similar fashion so we can witness an exponential increase in Gospel shares and disciples!

Here are two amazing testimonies about individual believers and churches getting equipped through this process:

  • Recently, a long-time believer in his 70’s named Tim* attended a Gospel Conversations Training session. Afterward, Tim told two strangers at a restaurant how he had shared the Gospel for the very first time in his life thanks to the training. Incredibly moved by Tim’s story, these two strangers told their local pastor about it. Not long after, one of our evangelism teams went door knocking in Allen, Texas and happened to approach the door of the pastor! They now want to join our efforts to ensure everyone in Allen has heard the Gospel.
  • A month ago, as I took my son to work, the Lord impressed upon me that I needed to start praying for the churches we were driving by. I looked up and saw a church right there on the side of the road, so I prayed for it every day that week. A few days later, we held a Gospel Conversations Training session and to my amazement, a woman named Amanda walked in; she was a member of the church I’d been praying for! Within minutes, she revealed which church she attended and said God told her that she was supposed to start sharing the Gospel, so she found this training online. Moments later, another woman walked in and they looked at each other and recognized that they went to the same church! Within a week, I was contacted by a third woman from their church who was interested in the training. Now, we’ll lead a Gospel Conversations Training at their church in the near future!

It is so inspiring to see how the Holy Spirit is repeatedly working to connect believers with a heart for evangelism to e3 Partners Ministry so they can equip the local church through Made to Multiply. If you share my enthusiasm for what the Lord is doing, please consider attending or hosting a training. As we continue to train believers and churches to share the love of Christ, we are mindful that it’s your prayers and support which make this possible. Thank you so much for partnering with us to advance the message of the Gospel and may God bless you for your faithfulness.

*Please note that Tim and Amanda’s names have been changed to ensure their safety and anonymity.