Many of our e3 leaders are invited to speak on podcasts frequently, and one has even started his own (On the Road). Listen to conversations about 4 Fields training, sharing the gospel, multiplying disciples and churches, and completing the Great Commission.

On the Road | ep. 13
Three Thirds with Ross Ramsey

Here’s a simple pattern to help you disciple others.

On the Road | ep. 12
The 411 with Ginger Mayer

Help a new disciple immediately start making new disciples through a simple tool: The 411.

On the Road | ep. 11
Discovering & Obeying the Word with Steve Parlato

If you teach a disciple the Bible, he’ll grow for a day. If you train a disciple to discover and obey the Bible, he’ll grow for a lifetime.

On the Road | ep. 10
Three Responses to the Gospel with Matt Altizer

Anytime you (attempt to) share the Gospel, people will respond in one of three ways. It helps to know what to do with each response.

On the Road | Bonus
Practicals of Fasting

Check out this bonus material to follow up Episode #9: Fasting for Movement with Jeff & Angie Sundell.

On the Road | ep. 9
Fasting for Movement with Jeff & Angie Sundell

Can you imagine one million people fasting for #NoPlaceLeft? Maybe it’s time to start. Jeff and Angie Sundell cast vision for three specific fasts when pursuing movement.

On the Road | ep. 8
Abundant Prayer with Paul Watson

Pursuing a movement of disciple-making disciples and church-planting churches starts, ends, and is surrounded by prayer.

On the Road | ep. 7
Gospel: Three Circles with Kenton Killebrew

Sharing the Gospel doesn’t need to be complicated. The Three Circles is a simple Gospel tool that’s being used widely in #NoPlaceLeft networks.

On the Road | ep. 6
Gospel: Share your Story in 15 seconds with Lukas Teese

Check out this episode of On the Road to #NoPlaceLeft for how God used a simple tool called a 15 Second testimony… in a bar… to save a recovering alcoholic.

On the Road | ep. 5
Hello to the Gospel in 3 Questions

Here are 3 questions to move any conversation to the Gospel.

On the Road | ep. 4
Start with your Oikos with Joleene Burts

Reaching the world with the Gospel starts with our own neighborhood.

On the Road | ep. 3
The Four Fields: A Path to #NoPlaceLeft with Tom Hall

The Four Fields is a simple strategy that provides a path to #NoPlaceLeft.

On the Road | ep. 2
The Brutal Facts with Dale Losch of Crossworld

How many people are living without Jesus here and around the world?

Movements.net | ep. 171
NoPlaceLeft Kansas City

Steve talks to Tom Hall about NoPlaceLeft Kansas City.

Movements.net | ep. 163
CoopersOnAMission from Florida to California

Steve talks to Troy and Rachel Cooper about NoPlaceLeft from Florida to California.

Movements.net | ep. 158
Students Pioneering Movements

Mike “Puck” Puckett talks about equipping students to multiply disciples and churches.

Movements.net | ep. 156
Growing workers for NoPlaceLeft

There is nothing more important in a multiplying movement than growing the next wave of leaders. Justin White is doing just that.

Engaging Missions | ep. 236
How to Impact Communities with the Good News

Tom shares about his journey from pastor to disciple-maker and what God has been doing through the ministry.

Marsha Crenshaw's Fundraiser

Organized by Marsha Crenshaw


Jay Riley Crenshaw and I began this ministry 10 years ago this September.  Wow! And while my sweet Jay is now with Jesus, completely healed and where he longed to be, this Muslim Outreach Ministry has begun to explode.

Jay's Original Vision

Jay's vision that God gave him in the beginning was that this Ministry would be like that of a Hot Air Balloon.  God revealed to Jay in this vision that it would start off slowly, just as a Hot Air Balloon does, but then when it hits the jet stream, it would take off full speed ahead.  This is exactly what this Ministry is currently doing....going full speed ahead!

You Are All Vital to This Ministry

We have now seen hundreds, if not thousands come to Christ, and we could not have done this without our faithful supporters, both our prayer warriors and our financial partners.  And I want to personally thank you SO MUCH for your support these last 10 years.

The Next 10 Years!

Our youngest son, Joe Riley Crenshaw has joined e3/Fearless love! What a blessing that is to me, and I know his dad is looking down with joy!  

We/I need financial supporters more than ever before with what God is doing.  I need to be able to go full speed ahead as well.  I am in awe at what the Lord is doing and want to be able to share it with more people who can catch the vision and have ownership of this Ministry as well. 

This fundraiser provides for my salary, benefits and some expenses.  While all of Jay and my current supporters will remain my supporters, I am still only about 50% fully funded.  

By donating, you are joining me in sharing the love of Jesus in Dallas, the Middle East, Central Asia and Canada (can't wait to share about this), training up leaders, and planting churches in these people groups communities.

 Won't you prayerfully consider partnering with me through your financial support to honor my sweet Jay and to glorify God? Many can't "go" but they can give and be a part of a powerful Ministry team!

To make disciples and establish Christ's church among Muslims - we need God and we need you.

"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." (Matt 28:19-20


I am so eternally grateful for each of you!

Until the whole world hears! (click)

 Marsha Crenshaw

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