Hi there. My name is Kyle and I’m a full-time missionary serving the North America region. I joined e3 Partners’ Diaspora team in April and work to reach the unreached in incredibly diverse cities like Los Angeles, New York City, and Toronto.
If you’re unfamiliar with the term “Diaspora” as I once was, please allow me to quickly define it for you: simply put, it’s the dispersion of any people from their original homeland. With this in mind, our team works to share the Gospel among migrant populations which have settled throughout the US and Canada.
Looking back on my path to becoming a full-time missionary, God has done wonders in my life. In fact, as a young man I wasn’t a believer. I attended college and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning. Shortly after, I became a commercial real estate agent and pursued that line of work for seven years. Yet God had other plans in store for me and I accepted Christ at age 26! Afterward, my wife and I participated in a Perspectives class and our calling in ministry became clear. As a first step, we pursued discipleship in the marketplace, leading Bible studies and small groups for our real estate network.
As I continued to study the Word of God, I saw in Revelation 5:9 that Jesus would one day be worshiped by every tribe, tongue, people, and nation. The Lord helped me recognize the importance of the Great Commission mandate and I asked myself, “What is the unfinished task at hand?” Through further research, I soon realized it involved reaching over 6,000 unreached people groups, many of which are located right here in the US & Canada.
I’ve been involved with Diaspora missions work for over ten years now and feel blessed to have joined e3 Partners Ministry so that I can continue to minister to refugees and economic migrants who come here in search of a better life. Today, much of my work centers upon offering Gospel Conversations Training to immigrants from the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa. We’re also gearing up to serve and care for new arrivals from Afghanistan plus Central and South America.
Through our training and discipleship endeavors, we’re working to identify bilingual local leaders within the migrant communities who can confidently facilitate Gospel Conversations Training in their native tongue. At the moment, we’re praying that God will raise up a team of volunteer, migrant missionaries across North America who will take ownership of their own unreached people groups.
One important thing to note about Diaspora missions work is that our local leaders may still face persecution from their communities whenever they share the Gospel. However, the degree of persecution is less severe than what they might experience back in their home countries. We’re incredibly grateful to God for the religious freedoms that we have in North America and we praise Him for these liberties, which help migrant believers to boldly step into their missionary callings.
Thank you for your support of e3 Partners ministry, which allows the Diaspora team to reach more unreached people groups in the US and Canada with the message of Jesus Christ. Please be in prayer with us that the Lord will continue to raise up more laborers for the harvest within these vibrant and diverse migrant communities.