Fred and his wife attended an e3 Gospel Conversations training in Dallas last year and learned how to easily share their testimony and the Gospel using the 3 Circles Gospel tool. They were encouraged by the training and began to share what they learned with others.

A week ago, Fred had to catch a flight from Richmond, VA, to Dallas. His flight from Richmond was delayed by nearly three hours.

“I kept thinking, ‘Lord, what is going on?'” Fred said.

As they approached the DFW Airport, the pilot announced that they were coming into severe weather. They landed safely, but they were told that they were going to be delayed getting to the gate because there were 48 other aircraft in front of them waiting to get to gates.

Three Circles WristbandThey ended up sitting on the plane for 2.5 hours, and Fred was still wondering what the Lord was up to. As they were sitting there, the young lady next to Fred asked about the bracelet he was wearing, which featured the 3 Circles.

“I explained to her that it was about knowing the Lord Jesus Christ,” Fred said. “She then asked how she could do that, so I explained the Gospel using the 3 Circles and she accepted the Lord! We prayed together and I told her when she got home to find a good church that preached the Bible and Jesus.”

As they finished, a young man behind Fred got up and sat down next to him, wanting to know all about this as well. Fred jumped right in and repeated what he shared with the young lady. When he got through sharing, this man also accepted the Lord!

“We all cried and I prayed with both of them again,” Fred said. “Then I told the young man to seek a a Bible-teaching church as well.”

As Fred was talking with this new brother and sister in Christ about Jesus, a man behind them told Fred he could not be doing that there. That was when the most amazing thing happened: Everyone sitting around them told that guy to sit down, be quiet, and let Fred finish what he was saying!

“I realize the Lord caused this delay for me to be able to witness to these two young people,” Fred said. “Never be afraid to just jump right in there when the opportunity presents itself!”


*Image has been changed to protect safety and anonymity