What happens when e3 dispatches a team of evangelists and long-term missionaries to a place like Queens, New York? In this global melting pot, 96% of the people don’t know Jesus Christ—and over 200 different languages are spoken! It’s a place where the harvest is truly plentiful: one that requires us to step outside our comfort zone. With this in mind, we invite you to read a special message from e3’s Director of Church Partnerships below.

Hello! I’m Ross, and in my role at e3, I serve local churches by facilitating evangelism & discipleship partnerships with our nonprofit ministry. In this particular case, I led 17 highly trained evangelists on a short-term mission trip to Queens, a borough of New York City with more than 2.4 million diverse residents. There, we teamed up with our residential missionaries and equipped a local Korean church partner to reach the surrounding neighborhood—and the world—for Jesus.

We started out by co-hosting a Gospel Conversations Training session at the church. To our surprise, we quickly discovered a mission field within the church itself. You see, many of the young church members were attending for culture, food, and fellowship, but lacked true faith in Jesus. In response, we ministered to these individuals one-on-one throughout the trip, sharing scripture and many in-depth spiritual discussions. By the end of the week, some church members surrendered their lives to Christ for the very first time. It was truly a powerful move of the Spirit!

After the church members learned some simple evangelism tools like the 3 Circles and the 15-Second Testimony, we ventured out into the community to share God’s story. As a result of the community outreach, 4 local NYC residents accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

Incredibly, God answered prayers through the Gospel Conversations Training session. A Zimbabwean pastor was in attendance; he had been in prayer prior to the event, asking God to show him how to better equip his church to share the Gospel in Queens. He felt the Lord respond to him through e3’s training efforts.

As our short-term mission trip came to a conclusion, e3’s long-term residential missionaries in the borough of Queens took the reins, committing to ongoing training and discipleship in partnership with the local Korean church.

I hope this story gives you a brief glimpse into how God is moving through Made to Multiply, our five-year initiative which aims to train 1 million believers to share their faith and make disciples. Thanks to your prayers, we’re mobilizing churches across North America to reach those around them. And, we’re training them to reach the nations until we collectively reach every person & place for Christ.