Hello. I’m Brad, e3’s Vice President of Marketing & Communications. I want to share some exciting news with our blog readers: e3 Partners Ministry just launched a newly redesigned website! Please take a look. I hope you enjoy all the new features including simple site navigation, a helpful sidebar menu, and more. One particular feature I’d like to call your attention to is the new Join The Mission webpage. It outlines six distinct ways for you to get involved in the Made to Multiply initiative. If you’d like to help the body of Christ collectively equip 1 million believers to share the Gospel, consider allowing e3 to serve your church! Here’s a brief example of what our church partnerships look like from my own personal experience.

A Church Partnership at a Glance

My wife and I are members of Parkway Hills Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. Recently, we participated in a special event called “Serve Sunday.” It’s a special day when our small groups and church members give back to the community through a variety of different service projects. I was part of a group that planned to visit an apartment complex in need to prepare and serve a homemade barbeque dinner to the residents and their children. In advance of the barbeque dinner, e3 Partners Ministry teamed up with our church to offer a brief 411 Training session to our church members. (411 Training equips a believer to share 4 things about the Gospel in 1 hour or less on 1 sheet of paper.)

To our amazement, 60 members of our church attended the 411 Training! This church partnership ultimately transformed our barbeque dinner service project into a goodwill endeavor and an opportunity to share the Gospel. We met one apartment resident—a young mother named Melissa*—who expressed interest in learning more about Jesus. As such, we exchanged cell phone numbers and our church will be following up to invite her to a small group Bible study! Next, e3 Partners will help our church launch a special small group designed to help the 411 trainees become more proficient in sharing the Gospel as they increasingly pursue the Great Commission.

Allow Us to Serve Your Church

As you see from the example above, e3’s evangelism training can be a perfect complement to your church’s ongoing activities. If you’d like to have an initial conversation about how we can serve your church, email training@e3partners.org for more information. Thank you for being a valued prayer partner and supporter of the ministry. Please join us in prayer that our new friend, Melissa, would come to faith in Jesus Christ and lead others in her apartment complex to the Gospel. God bless you.

*Please note that Melissa’s name has been changed to ensure her privacy and anonymity.