I’m Abbie, the marketing communications manager at e3 Partners. I’ve happily been on staff for about five months now, and I’m enjoying learning about effective evangelism training methods—those that lead to professions of faith in Jesus and new churches.

While I’ve done some evangelism in the past, reaching out to the homeless and the non-believers in my sphere of influence, I wanted to add e3’s evangelism training methods to my toolbox and boost my confidence so I’m prepared to share the Gospel with whomever I meet.

As a first step, I visited e3’s Gospel Conversations Training page. Here, I browsed upcoming evangelism training sessions throughout the US. A session in Nashville, Tennessee immediately piqued my interest, because my brother lives nearby. I booked a plane ticket from Dallas, Texas and off I went!

On a peaceful Saturday morning, my brother and I pulled into the gravel parking lot of a local church in the Nashville suburb known as Lebanon. Upon entrance, we were excited to see about 40 believers who had gathered to learn new tools and methods for sharing the Gospel. Even more encouraging? This group was a melting pot of folks from 3 different churches in the area. It was inspirational to see Christians stepping outside of their respective denominations to join forces for the Great Commission.

Our training leader led us through 5 hours of introductory evangelism training. During this time, I developed my own personal, 15-second testimony about how I came to faith in Christ. Then, I had the opportunity to practice sharing my testimony with a group of people at my table, so that I could feel comfortable sharing it with anyone. Additionally, we practiced sharing the Gospel via the 3 Circles and 411 Training methods, which you can learn more about on our website.

After our training was complete, we broke into teams and hit the streets to put what we had learned into practice. In total, our 40 training participants conducted 23 Gospel shares in just 1 hour—and 7 of the 23 expressed interest in receiving a one-on-one, follow-up conversation to learn more about Jesus!

My street team went door knocking and had the opportunity to share the Gospel with three locals: a self-described pagan, a woman who was unsure if Jesus was the son of God, and a believer who had just moved to the area and was looking for a church community to call home. It was amazing to see how God utilized the training methods we had just learned! After introducing ourselves, we had in-depth, 10-15 minute Gospel conversations with each of these ladies. Prayers were said, connections were formed, emails and phone numbers were exchanged, and most importantly, Gospel seeds were planted.

There was something special about the Gospel Conversations training session that I attended in Nashville, Tennessee. The leader, Benji, had previously been trained by a Dallas-based e3 staff member named Ross. Now, Benji was replicating the training in his own community, and he was challenging us to go forth and do the same.

When I returned home, I taught the evangelism training methods to one of my closest friends and my mom. I challenged them to pass it on, too! Next, I will share the methods with some of my friends from church. You see, that’s the idea. Together, we as believers can multiply trained believers, Gospel shares, disciples, and churches!

Thank you for your support of e3 Partners, which allows us to take Gospel Conversations Training to cities across the US and around the world, so that every ear will hear the name of Jesus Christ.