Hi, I’m Priscilla. Originally from Romania and now based in Dallas, I serve as a Strategy Coordinator and Senior Trip Leader with e3 Partners Ministry. A member of the e3 Medical team, I travel to Romania, Colombia, and the Middle East several times a year to share the hope of Christ with the lost.

My husband Adrian and I are very excited about the new Made to Multiply evangelism initiative. In fact, we enjoy a Great Commission lifestyle whether we’re at home or abroad, and we want to inspire other believers in North America to do the same. Currently, we’re slated to co-lead five mission trips throughout 2022, yet we regularly share the Gospel right here in Dallas. I guess you could say we’re always on mission for Christ! We like to keep our eyes open for any opportunities to talk about Jesus, because God is quick to open the door in unexpected ways.

One evangelism practice we employ involves praying for service workers. Every time we enjoy a meal at a restaurant, we ask our servers how we can pray for them. For example, I might say, “We’re about to bless the food and want to pray for you, too.” Responses are varied; some of the waitstaff are quick to share from the heart about their hopes, dreams, and struggles, while others aren’t so open.

Recently, we enjoyed a meal at a bustling establishment in Dallas. Our waiter, a very nice and polite young man named Andre, was incredibly responsive to our offer of prayer.* In fact, he dropped to his knees and allowed us to lay hands on him right then and there! We boldly prayed for his family, career, and life. My husband and I were quite moved because Andre wasn’t worried about what his managers might say or what his customers might think. He was hungry for a touch of our almighty God!

Another e3 staff member, Abbie, recently shared her story about praying for a restaurant worker named Beth.* The mere mention of prayer led Beth to break down in tears because she was harboring a tremendous amount of hurt and unforgiveness dating all the way back to her teenage years. Beth went on to explain that she had become disengaged from the church after her parents spiraled into drug addiction. She felt an incredible amount of relief after the prayers were said, and Abbie encouraged Beth to forgive the past and find a new church to call home.

As you can see, many workers in the service industry are hurting and in need of Jesus. We can all be the hands and feet of our Lord and Savior simply by praying for a server. Inevitably, these prayerful encounters provide a pathway for thoughtful discussions about Christ and opportunities for discipleship.

Thank you for your gracious support of e3 Partners Ministry and the Made to Multiply evangelism initiative, which allows us to embolden the body of Christ to go and reach the lost, whether on a mission trip or at a local restaurant. God bless you.

*Please note that the names of Andre and Beth have been changed to ensure their safety and anonymity.