I recently had the opportunity to interview a family from Oklahoma who’ve been changed through 4 Fields training. This is their story.

There was a time when our family was desiring to be obedient to our call as Christ followers, but we were having a hard time doing that. We went on mission trips with our kids, serving communities in other countries through manual labor and vacation Bible schools, and we really enjoyed those trips, but not long after we would return home, we’d fall back into old routines.

We wanted to be obedient to Christ in our everyday lives, not just when we were on mission trips and at church on Sundays. We began praying for help with that obedience daily, and that’s when we were directed to a 4 Fields training.

The training was great for us. It reinvigorated our desire to be daily servants for the Kingdom, and it taught us practical ways to share our faith, disciple others and grow as leaders. We soon found ourselves shaking off old routines and developing new ones that included praying for others in our community and seeking opportunities to share the Gospel.

We then decided to join a residency with others who’d gone through the 4 Fields training as well. We met weekly, worshiping, diving into God’s word, caring for each other, and holding each other accountable to the daily obedience we strived for. We also went out into our neighborhoods at least once a week to pray for people in our city, share the Gospel, and disciple those who were receptive to it. God was moving in our hearts, giving us boldness, and using all of us, our kids included to further His Kingdom in Oklahoma.

That’s what is the most amazing thing to me about the 4 Fields training and our residency. It isn’t just for adults. The practicality and simplicity of the tools we were taught allows them to be learned and used by anyone. Our 6-year old daughter learned how to share the Gospel using the 3-Circles tool, and shared it with her Grandma’s friend one summer afternoon. The lady was so impressed with it, that she asked our daughter to come share it with her Bible class as well. So, the next Sunday, my 6-year old daughter trained a ladies Bible class on a simple way to share the Gospel.

The 4 Fields training, our residency, and the obedience to Christ those things have helped us develop, have changed our lives immensely. Our family has experienced a deeper joy than we could have ever imagined experiencing, and we are closer to both each other and to God now than we ever were before. It’s amazing how God is able to use people like us, just a typical family from Oklahoma, to grow His Kingdom. What a blessing it is to get to work for the Lord!

Want to get involved in training and/or a residency? We have both happening all over the country. Just contact our e3 USA team, and we’ll help you get plugged in.