e3 Partners Ministry is known for equipping believers, evangelizing the world, and establishing healthy, multiplying churches. We do, in fact, send missionaries all around the globe to share the Gospel. But we also do the same thing—right here in the US! Below is a brief story of how God recently prompted us to share the love of Jesus in our home state of Texas. I hope you’ll read on; the results were simply astounding . . .

Before jumping into the details, I’d like to provide you with a bit of context. We all know there’s a growing migrant crisis at the southern border of Texas and Mexico. Poverty, gang violence, and food scarcity are driving citizens of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and other nations to leave in droves and head for solace in the US. Each month, thousands of people attempt to cross the border into Texas.

Last month, we began to pray and ask God if there were opportunities to share the Gospel in South Texas. It seemed plausible, given that e3 Partners Ministry is headquartered in Plano, Texas—a Dallas-area suburb just an 8-hour drive from the border. Sensing the Holy Spirit’s prompting, we quickly mobilized an exploratory team to McAllen, a city located in the southern-most tip of our state. Nestled in the Rio Grande Valley and immediately adjacent to Mexico, this area proved very fruitful indeed.

In just one weekend, our evangelism and discipleship team was able to partner with local leaders to share the Gospel on the Mexico side of the border. As a result of this initial effort, we witnessed over 200 professions of faith, 25 baptisms, 10 leaders identified, and the formation of 1 new church!

While on site, we trained locals to tell God’s story using simple and effective tools. Incredibly, some of these folks leapt into action and immediately began to evangelize others in their community right before our eyes. As such, we’re confident that God is still on the move in this influential border town.

During this exploratory mission, we confirmed a tremendous opportunity exists to serve the Church in South Texas by training and equipping believers in the area to confidently share the Gospel and disciple others. We’re now developing a plan that will allow us to provide ongoing support to the Body of Christ in this region.

We invite you to watch an impactful, 2-minute video overview of our efforts in McAllen. As always, we thank you for your encouragement, prayers, and support as we seek to make disciples here at home and around the world.