Hello! I’m Jay, an e3 Strategy Coordinator for the MECANA (Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa) region and I conduct outreach in the Dallas/Fort Worth area among Middle Eastern & Central Asian communities.

In our ministry to refugees here in D/FW, we’ve developed a philosophy that goes like this: “If we can reach them here, we can reach them there.” Why do we say this? Because so many of our local refugees talk to their friends and families back home in their native country or in other places around the world where they may have immigrated.

Recently, this philosophy came to light once again. We met with a local refugee from Central Asia whom we have known for about 5 years. He is very close to coming to Jesus and we learned that he had begun classes at a Christian university. During our conversation, he revealed that he had friends in his home country who were interested in learning about Jesus.

I gave him my number and told him to have his friends contact me. A non-believer whom I’ll call “George” was the first to phone me. As we began conversing I asked him, “Did something happen that caused you to be disgruntled with your current beliefs?” He replied that his mother had rushed out of their house to see a friend recently and failed to wear a covering over her head. Members of a terrorist group saw her and killed her for her “transgression.”

Then, more of George’s story came to light. He revealed that he had experienced many dreams of a man in white who kept saying, “Follow Me!” George then asked, “Do you know what this means?” I let him know that a similar dream had been seen by many people in the Middle East & Central Asia in recent years and that the man in white was, in fact, Jesus calling people to follow Him. George was amazed and wanted more information about Christ.

The very next day, George told me that he had a different dream on two occasions in which a man carrying some books said, “You are close to finding the truth.” What caught George’s attention was something he saw on each book. He stated, “Each book had a plus mark on it. Do you know what this means?” I promptly drew him a picture of a cross and sent it to him and asked George, “Did the plus mark look like this?” George answered, “Yes.”

Up until this point, George had known nothing about the cross! I quickly explained its importance—and what Jesus and the cross mean for mankind. George is now diligently studying what I’ve been sharing with him. Please join me in praying for George. Additionally, please pray that many others within the Middle Eastern & Central Asian communities would continue to experience powerful visions and dreams of Jesus. Thanks for your support of e3 Partners Ministry and may God bless you.