George* and Diane*, two of e3’s Strategy Coordinators, recently led their team in South Africa to “a nation that is ripe for the harvest,” George said.

“Food, water and medical care insecurities seem to have prepared the hearts of people to consider their eternity with greater interest,” George said. “Team members tell their personal stories of their relationship with Jesus and clearly present the Gospel to people who are hungry for the truth.”

George and Diane have been working with one of their partners, Lionel*, and two local pastors to train 11 leaders to reach an Unreached People Group (UPG) in an area new to them. This UPG is nomadic and lives in a large area that has been set aside for them.

“Pastors from churches from that region will work to share the good news of Jesus with these people,” George said. “They are expecting to start a church among them in the coming months, Lord willing.”   

Recently, George and Diane led their team to a western part of the nation where one of their indigenous leaders, Adashe*, plans to help lead a new church.

“Our team worked tirelessly to evangelize, begin the discipleship process, and start a new house church in this area,” George said. “Adashe will be the interim leader of this new church. The first service of the new church had 30 local residents in attendance!”

George, Diane, and their team held four discipleship studies, presented the Gospel 126 times, and saw 61 people give their lives to Christ. 

“We are thankful that, like John 5:17 says, the Lord never stops working in each of His children and rescuing those who are lost,” George said. “We are blessed to be able to help train others how to win souls and make disciple makers.”

*Names have been changed to ensure safety and anonymity.