From the high plateaus of the southwest to the tropical lowlands in the east and north, Bolivia is a beautiful land with a variety of climate extremes. Silver, tin, and cotton are mainstays and the country has relied heavily on its natural gas deposits for economic drive.

Evangelicals in Bolivia have doubled in percentage since 1990, increasing 43-fold since 1960. The Church has seen unprecedented growth among the Aymara and Quechua people, who date back to pre-Incan times.  Still, there is much work to be done.

e3 Partners is working to ensure that a thriving local church exists in every community throughout Bolivia. We are equipping existing believers and training local pastors to identify unreached communities and share the Gospel effectively. As people come to faith in Christ, we are establishing small groups that help them take the next steps in their spiritual growth and serve as the seeds for new churches.

Hernandez Family e3 Partners Mission

United States

Organized by DJ Hernandez

Dear friends and family,

Mayah and I have both felt a calling on our hearts to make disciples since a very young age. It began for Mayah when her family was on mission in Japan, reaching those who did not know Jesus. It began for me when my family lived in North Africa, where we desired to see others come to Jesus as well. This calling has continued throughout our life, and is a major testimony of how the Lord brought us together. 

We are currently in Southern California seeking His Kingdom and laboring for Christ! We have been able to see several friends give their lives to Jesus, new leaders start churches, and walk with others to strengthen and encourage one another.

God is doing something amazing in the world today.  He is working among people groups to draw all people to himself and we get the opportunity to be part of it. Through the years, he has worked in our hearts and is calling us into mission full-time.

We work with e3 Partners, which is a global missions agency advancing the Gospel and establishing the Church in over 65 countries. We belong to a body of over 400 staff and 2,000 national partners sharing his Gospel among the nations.  

Your monthly support allow us to train and equip other disciples and churches in California to share the Gospel and make disciples as well as provides for our practical needs.

Through your financial support and prayer, you are part of our team and everything the Lord does in and through us. YOU are making an impact on the Kingdom with your contributions.

To submit a tax-deductible financial gift, click the “Donate” button to get started. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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